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Sinopse: A standout contributor to the art of silent film comedy, Harold Lloyd (1893-1971) offers new generations a body of film work that is as fresh and entertaining as in its day. His roots were simple--born in rural Nebraska, product of a broken home, and initially destined for the legitimate stage--yet by the 1920s, Lloyd was both at the box office and in the polls, the most popular comic actor in the world.


His appeal was simple: through his Glass Character, which formed the basis of roles from 1917-1947, Lloyd was able to reach audiences as no contemporary could. He is regarded as the man who most greatly influenced eyeglass-wearing in America, and this single facet of Lloyd inspired youth worldwide. His screen normalcy--in look and demeanor--allowed moviegoers to relate to the Glass Character no matter how rich, poor, cowardly or flip he was. Included in this Kino collection are the feature Grandma's Boy (1922), plus the shorts Bumping Into Broadway (1919), An Eastern Westerner (1920), His Royal Slyness (1921), Just Neighbors (1919), I Do (1918), and Number Please (1920).


Idiomas: Inglês



-NOVO: Lacrado.

-EXCELENTE: Em perfeitas condições sem risco ou marcas no encarte.

-MUITO BOM: Com riscos e marcas superficiais, quase imperceptíveis.

-BOM: Com alguns riscos e pequenas marcas no encarte e mídia.

-RAZOÁVEL: Com riscos e marcas na capa e mídia, porem não atrapalham na reprodução.


DVD USADO acrílico em *MUITO BOM* estado.

Dvd Usado The Harold Lloyd Collection

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